Let us introduce you to our major suppliers and the main ingredients used in our restaurant

Each ingredient goes through rigorous selection and our team is constantly trying to find what is the best available on the market. Rather than profit, we are concerned with the quality and taste of meals we are lovingly preparing for you for the best culinary experience possible.


Burgers play the crucial role in our menu. Beef from Meatpoint is a guarantee of an exceptional culinary experience.

A key part for us is a matured beef cut from the back between the neck and the high loin that has a characteristic brick-red color. It is particularly suitable for grinding and, therefore, for making hamburgers. Meatpoint products are biologically a very valuable meat that has a high content of essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Quality is of key importance in our restaurant, which is why we create our meals from scratch. For the unmistakable taste of our burgers, we cook them on a lava grill, giving them their signature smoky aroma and refining their final taste.

Well, what would a hamburger be without the bun? To make the burger complete, we choose handmade buns. Each piece of dough passes through the baker's hands, giving it its unique appearance. Another asset which makes them exceptional is the fact that the buns are made from Scottish sourdough with milk. As they are meant for burgers, they are sprinkled with sesame seeds. But that's not all! The buns take their time being fried in butter, which makes them beautifully crispy and their already delicious taste intensifies. For those who prefer a bit healthier kind of bread, we also offer their version made from whole wheat flour.

The bread, which is atypically larger than usual in our country and which we use for our sandwiches, comes from the Mansson bakery. The owner of this little shop is originally from Denmark but he has been living in Prague for years. Thanks to his delicious recipes and our joint ideas, we have created an absolutely perfect baked gem.

Fruits and vegetables are another integral part of our ingredients. For our business, we carefully select only the freshest pieces available in premium quality so that all of our dishes will taste delicious.

The quality of eggs is a frequently discussed topic. Eggs are a very important ingredient for our chefs and, therefore, we leave nothing to chance by any means. We've personally chosen Mr. Václav Matoušek, an owner of a family farm near Čerčany, as our supplier.

On the farm, the chickens may move around freely in the hall and are fed solely with food produced at the farm itself, which causes the eggs to have a very intense flavour. In addition, we are proud of our exclusive collaboration with the holder of multiple gold medals and the title of "The best marmelade in the world", Blanka Milfaitová. We are the only restaurant in the whole world that serves her premium marmelades and jams. Their quality is proven not only by the numerous awards, but also by the fact that they were supplied directly to the Queen of England, Prague Castle and other major international institutions in the past.

A suitable choice of wine is crucial
to completion of a gourmet experience.
Salabka vineyard, which boasts an area
of approximately 4.5 hectares
and is the largest vineyard in Prague,
satisfies this rule. The grapes are grown
on the southwest slope between
Troja and Bohnice.


This unique location, in combination with the subsoil, provides ideal conditions for the growth of a first-class quality grapevines. Technology that has been proven over centuries, which dates back to the 18th century, is carefully used for the production of the wine. The Troja vineyard has been known for having cultivated grapevines for Czech kings, and it continues to create beverages fit for a king to this day.