Truly Stylish
American 1950s

Come around in the afternoon for a hearty and refreshing milkshake made according to the traditional American recipe or go out with your friends for a proper dining session, where tables will be sagging under a great portion of juicy burgers from first quality meat and ingredients from our verified local suppliers. Don't miss the crispy homemade fries and vanilla or cherry coke.


You can enjoy all this (and much more!) in our exclusive interior, which will immediately bring you to the old-but-good America of the 1950s. On the walls, there are legendary pictures of idols of that era hanging and in the whole space of the restaurant, there are 100% authentic artifacts from that era. Furthermore, many of them are still working!

For example, you may admire the still fully-functional Seeburg Coca-Cola jukebox from 1949, the only piece in Europe, then an original pay phone as well as a Coca-Cola cash register type No. 721. When it opens, you can hear a typical "cash" sound sometimes called cha-ching. However, there are many more valuable relics. Will you find them all?


The restaurant is furnished with stylish robust red-white furniture with stripes in the typical style of 1950's diners. The massive columns are decorated with a mosaic, which portrays portraits of film idols and sex symbols at that time together - James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. There are also few car components and a motorcycle Triumph Trophy from 1955. It is almost a carbon copy of the one owned by James Dean - it differs only in the shape of the handlebar.

Best burgers in Prague

Are you a burger lover and the words „burger restaurant Prague“ belong to the most frequently typed words into a search engine when looking for a good place to eat? Then you must give a try to our famous burgers at James Dean Prague. If someone is a true master of burgers, cheeseburgers and other variations of this deliciousness, it is the Americans. When the concept of an American burger restaurant meets with top-quality ingredients from local suppliers, the result is a high-level gourmet experience.


The root of each burger is good meat. We get supplies from a family-run butcher's, which is a guarantee of the best meat on the market. The meat is "tailored" directly for our needs and always comes from a one single bull, where it is carefully chosen which pieces are going to be used. The bull is never older than 30 months and comes from verified Czech breeding.

We cook all our burgers on a lava grill, so that it can absorb their signature smoky aroma, providing an even better taste. With vegetables, eggs and bakery products, the process is quite similar - we get supplied by family businesses that do their job carefully with love. These factors ensure that the dishes you will get are always fresh and of the top quality possible.