Coktail Bar Prague


Are you soft for the famous heartbreaker James Dean, you like burgers with crunchy fries and when you hear any song from Grease you immediately start to move to the rhythm? Come to our stylish American restaurant & cocktail bar James Dean Prague. The extraordinary atmosphere will amaze you ever since you open the front door as well as the wildness and energy of the 1950s.


Comfortable seating is guaranteed by our custom made furniture inspired by the famous Chevrolet Bel Air from 1952. Another characteristic feature of our business are definitely the massive columns with an enormous mosaic made from 60 000 singular pieces put together to portray our beloved icons Marilyn Monroe and, of course, James Dean. Cars, motorcycles, beautiful women, great food & drinks - everything that James Dean truly loved - everything is to be found at our business! The interior was put together to create an illusion of the era of James's greatest glory.

The Most Stylish
Cocktail Bar in Prague

The first impression you get when you go downstairs is as if you have suddenly appeared in an old American underground. As soon as you get to the basement, the settings changes and you find yourself in the middle of an American petrol station. Have fun with your friends while, for example, sitting on a sofa which is made from a part of Lincoln Continental HardTop Sedan.


If you look carefully enough, you may find a bit rusty parking stand (of course 100% authentic) and leave your drinks on peeled-off barrels during this adventure. The dance floor features a massive hand-crafted cage with dancers sporting sexy retro costumes inside.

Both food and drink menu were carefully put together to ensure there is nothing you may miss from the golden era of American culture. You may choose from various juicy burgers, refreshing salads, legendary milkshakes, delicious desserts, cocktails as well as a broad range of alcohol including spirits. Experience the true 1950's atmosphere on your own and take all your senses by a storm. Only at James Dean Prague!