When you enter our unique interior that is an authentic representative of typically American diners, you may feel as if you are in a several decades (and quite a few thousand kilometres) elsewhere. Our unmistakable red-and-white striped furniture inspired by the one and only Chevrolet Bel Air will amaze you with each step you take.


Right at the entrance, there is an old jukebox Seeburg Coca-Cola from 1949 - the sole piece in Europe - which is still completely functional! For a penny, you may choose a hit and listen to the sound of 1950s. You needn't carry dollars, the jukebox can be switched on even from the back.

Jukebox is not the only original and still functional element in our stylish interior. There is also a pay-phone, registrar with Coca-Cola motive No. 721 that, while opening, produces a typical "cash" sound sometimes called Cha-Ching or a Coca-Cola dispenser, itself. All these valuable relics have been carefully assembled not only from collectors, but also, surprisingly, on eBay.


The Best Club
in the Old Town


Furnishing both floors of our business located in the Old Town in Prague wasn't an easy task. The decor includes many portraits of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley out of which the most triumphant one is definitely the massive column with a mosaic consisting of a total of 67 000 individual ceramic pieces with a portrayal of the former two mentioned. This handiwork took about 3 months to be completed by an academical artist before it was moved to our facility.

When you are full of a burger and coke, go down the stairs and enjoy the rest of your night in the music bar with a dance floor.


We highly recommend you trying our signature drinks to make your experience of the true American 1950s feel more complete and authentic. The James Dean cocktail will arouse a storm of mind-blowing flavors in your mouth and the Marilyn Monroe cocktail is as fresh as the blow that lifted Marilyn’s skirt up.