James Dean Foundation

Together, Let's help people
whose lives have changed
completely in a second

James Dean Foundation was set up in February 2014 with the intention to help and support patients who underwent traumatic accidents, are suffering from muscular dystrophy and anybody who has some kind of movement disorder, both as a result of an accident and ever since birth.

Our mission and aim is to also be there for patients who are suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, orthopedic and traumatic disorders and basically everyone, including the caregivers, who undergoes treatments of movement disorders and physical disabilities.

All the proceeds James Dean Foundation receives are directed straight towards particular patients, who need immediate help and support.

James Dean Foundation
Endowment fund

N 1180, led by the Municipal Court in Prague.

Oderská 333/5
196 00 Praha 9 - Čakovice
ID: 03582132


Bank account details

Account number: 19555559/5500
Raiffeisenbank a.s. Czech Republic
IBAN: CZ3555000000000019555559

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