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Do you always wonder what you can buy your friends, relatives, employees or business partners for Christmas? Do not worry, we have the solution. We offer a James Dean “Driver License” card, which allows them to become an honorary member of James Dean Prague. The cards are pre-charged with the amount starting from 2.000 CZK up to 10.000 CZK (You will receive a bonus of 10% when purchasing the card). So, what can you use this card for? You can use the card to pay for all meals and beverages in our restaurant and music club, as well as having the privilege of priority entry and access to James Dean Prague.





To order the cards, please contact us via e-mail at: info@jamesdean.cz. Alternatively, you can place your order by calling our number: +420 606 979 797.
You are able to collect your new pre-paid driving license directly from our restaurant: James Dean Prague, V Kolkovně 1, 11000 Praha. Alternatively, you can order an individual delivery (for example: via the cash-on-delivery service of the Czech Post).

By making a reservation, you agree with processing your personal data as mentioned here.