Besides running the
restaurant, bar & club,
we are offering other
unique experiences

JD Cinema

Would you like to see a film on a big screen but don't have a projector and the cinema does not project any films of your liking? Rent our full gear and enjoy the summer theater - alone!
Turn up your party and astound your friends, colleagues or business partners.



English double-deckers fascinate you? Well, we have our own, in fact, the exact one once owned by Jamie Oliver, himself!
Light up your party with our extraordinary catering wrapped in fabulous red coat!


James Dean owned Porsche 550 Spyder that he called "Little Bastard". We have successfully acquired a carbon copy of the car, which cost James his life one September night in 1955.



Are you looking for a photogenic car for your big day? We have a perfect solution for you! Buick looks great on any picture. Don't worry, your wedding doesn't need to be exactly in Prague, our driver will go wherever you wish.

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