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James Dean forever

Do you want to spend an unforgettable night and enjoy the best of Prague nightlife? Visit James Dean Prague restaurant and bar with music club. There is much more to see and discover than in other ordinary pubs and bars. Our restaurant is themed with authentic US diner style furniture which is inspired by Chevrolet’s Bel Air armchairs from 1952. Immediately on entrance, you will find yourself in the American 50s – with jukeboxes, images of Marylin Monroe, James Dean, our staff dressed in retro uniforms, delicious food and good music.

Even the visit at the toilets is a unique experience of its own. The toilets on the upper floor are styled in the pop arty of Andy Warhol and the urinals have rare items, such as kisses, designed for JFK New York airport.

Let’s have some fun in American style

The music club and bar is to be found in the basement. The first impression you get when you go downstairs is that you suddenly appeared in an old American underground. As soon as you get to the basement the settings changes and you are in the middle of an American petrol station. You have fun with your friends while sitting on a sofa which is made from a part of Lincoln Continental HardTop Sedan. The remainder of the car is situated in Lincoln’s lounge. You can also find there an original parking meter from the US as well as other 100% original artifacts that are still functional.

Also our dishes and specialties prepared are high gastronomy. Let’s try an integral part of the menu and typical American dish – burger! All the ingredients come from small family businesses therefore they are always fresh and of best quality.