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American retro party in Prague

We are the original American diner restaurant located in the centre of Prague and also in the centre of party life in the capital. What is special about us is omnipresent American 50s theme. Immediately on entrance, you will notice monumental hand-made 60 000 piece ceramic columns – mosaic of James Dean and Marylin Monroe, two famous stars and idols of that era. The booths in our place are large and big comfortable chairs are wrapped in bright red and white vinyl. You cannot also miss a massive wooden bar that is an incredible 16 metres long. On the bar, there is also a Coca-Cola original register that makes the typical cash sound, resembling cha-ching.

Taste our signature drinks

The drinks menu offers among many other alcoholic and soft drinks also the so-called signature drinks, named after our inspiration – James Dean and Marylin Monroe. We highly recommend you try some cocktail "signature drinks" to make your experience of the true American fifties more complete and authentic. The James Dean cocktail will arouse a storm of mind-blowing flavours in your mouth and the Marilyn Monroe cocktail is as fresh as the blow that lifted Marilyn’s skirt up.